United Session 2022


Mr Wiggles has papers to judge all categories on UnitedSession.

Mr Wiggles is a South Bronx Puerto Rican raised on HIP HOP since the 70’s.
Wiggles is known for rocking many aspects of Hip Hop culture.
graffiti, rockin, breaking, popping, Mcin, locking. HipHop music producer

Wiggles is a proud member of major forces in HIP HOP and Funk Styles culture „Rock Steady Crew”, the „Electric Boogaloos”, „Zulu Nation”.
Focus is a member of the Flow Mo Crew, which has ranked Finnish breaking into the world TOP in the last 20 years. Focus started dancing breaking in 1995. His over twenty years of career allowed him to visit more than 50 countries, he won over fifty first places at various competitions, conducted workshops and judged at the largest dance events around the world.
Nelson Ewande is a French artist, known as one of the best Popping dancers and choreographers of his generation, passionately mixing his influences (Hip Hop, Footwork, Afro Latin Dances) with Popping techniques. Born and raised in Paris, he became a professional dancer and won the biggest competition from 2007 to today (over a hundred …). He dances and choreographies for artists, shares her passion by conducting workshops and judging fights all over the world.
Majid is a two-time winner of Juste Debout 2014 & 2017. He won the German edition of Got to Dance. He choreographed an advertisement with Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona for Qatar Airways. He is an expressive and colorful figure in the HipHop culture. His original style gave him recognition in the dance world. This is confirmed by his presence in the elite team of RedBull.
He is the top Bboy in Europe. He represents the Polskee Flavor team. The first Pole in the world final of Red Bull BC One. World Final in Tokyo in 2010. Another Red Bull final tournament in 2016. Winner of Hip Opsession 2009 in France, United Styles Europe in Switzerland, Freestyle Session Europe in Poland, or the quarterfinalist of the legendary Freestyle Session in Los Angeles.
Her style and skills are unique. It combines its heritage with street styles which makes it unique. Martha Nabwire is a versatile dancer who inspires dancers all over the world. She judges competitions and conducts workshops all over the world, which proves how respected and appreciated she is by other dancers.


He is the top DJ in the world. He has traveled all over the globe and played at all the best international events. He co-founded the HipHop scene in the UK in the 1980s. He started out as a first generation dancer – popping, breaking and locking, and in 1987 he started playing and producing music. Renegade is a member of the world famous Scratch Perverts.
DJ and dancer with over 15 years of experience and hundreds of events played on his account. Kido is a co-creator of the Hustle scene in Poland. It is distinguished by a very large musical variety. While playing at events, he catches great contact with dancers. He cooperated with brands such as: Red Bull, Apple, Hennessy, Label 5, eObuwie, Diadora, Ultrace, FLGNTLT, Tabasko, Legits.
He represents Kraków – Nowa Huta – Dj, Digger, Producent, Turntablista and B-Boy. For many years associated with the Polish hip-hop culture. Well known for many breaking events. He also spinning in many battles, such as: Freestyle Session Europe, Circle Prinz, Red Bull BC One, Warsaw Challenge, United Style. His sets are a solid dose of original breaks, funk, soul and a lot of raw hip-hop and other types of music.
Fanatic of good sound and food. He has been mixing hip-hop for over a decade. Fresh selection, knowledge of current trends, scratches and dynamic transitions are the basis of his sets. Years spent in clubs and hundreds of parties played gave Komar the experience that he knows how to play a good after United Session.


The best word for him is The One and Only. He has already conducted over 300 events! Today it is difficult to imagine a dance event without it. He is a Bboy and organizer of the Tancbuda Challenge. Two-time Guinness record holder in the category of the longest rap marathon. Winner of the „Nieprzeciętni 2021” award of the plebiscite organized by Polskie Radio Czwórka.
He represents the young generation in the HipHop culture. He grabbed the microphone at the age of 15, becoming one of the youngest in this profession! Dancer and organizer of Future Pace Battle! He has conducted many events in Poland, as well as several abroad.